Friday, April 15, 2011

Google's Panda Update - Winners & Losers

Google engineers have concluded that it needed a new way to provide consumers with relevant search results and began working in an update search algorithm known as Panda. Although Google does not share details about its internal processes for engineering, admitted hundreds of testers to identify a sample of web pages based on criteria.

As with many other well known sites have been suffered from the last update of the algorithm of Google, which is commonly known as Panda.The update of Google Panda controversy is now online worldwide (in English). Since the announcement of Google in this sense, the data came out to see some of the winners and losers:-

Negatively impacted by Panda update - One of the worst hit by the "Panda" update was, a Microsoft-owned company that had been leading an EU competition case against Google. Its web visibility fell by 94%, it sucks…

eHow - as its another top loser with a -84% change (According to the SearchMetrics data).

EzineArticles - looking at UK search data has EzineArticles with a drop in search visibility of as much as 93.69%. Sistrix, looking at Europe, has the site as its number 2 loser with a change of -78%.

Mahalo - Still, the SearchMetrics UK has Mahalo at a 81.05% decrease in search visibility. The Sistrix data has the site at a -77% change.

HubPages - HubPages was hit the first time, and has been hit again. SearchMetrics has the site at -85,72%. Sistrix has it at -72%.

Xomba - A lot of price comparison sites were also negatively impacted. In the UK, was a big loser with -93,83% according to SearchMetrics.

The Winners (positively impacted)

- increased 9.47%
- increased 15.19%
- increased 9.14%
- increasd 17.80
- increased 18.62
- increased 8.13%
- increased 6.45%
- increased 18.85%
- increased 12.39%
- increased 43.86%
- increased 7.81%
- increased 19.44%
- increased 29.46%
- increased 6.62%

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Although I can still see the largest low-quality website on the Internet come up in searches.

Google's Panda Update - Winners & Losers

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  1. Many websites that depend on Google for an income saw their traffic cut by anywhere from 20 to 80 percent when Google's Panda algorithm